On 27th January 2023, CANU conducted an operation at premises located on Santiniketan Street, Prasad Nagar, Georgetown. A search of the house was conducted in the presence of three (3) persons that were present at the time, which led to the discovery of a brick-like parcel suspected to be cocaine.
Lena Narine, 63 years, of the said address and owner of the premises, along with Sherlan Edmondson, 54 years also of the said address, and Earl Branch, 49 years of Pike Street, Kitty, were arrested and escorted to CANU’s Headquarters with the suspected narcotic. The narcotic tested positive for cocaine, amounting to 1.050 kg, with a street value of approximately GUY $1.1 Million.
Leana Narine, was previously arrested along with two other persons in March 2022, when CANU officers discovered 11.4 kgs of cocaine and 266g ecstasy at this same address.
Investigations are ongoing.