CANU Seizes a Quantity of Cocaine

Date of Interception: Sunday 19 th May 2024 

Place of Interception: Cummings Lodge, Georgetown 

On Sunday 19th May 2024, CANU Officers acting on information received, conducted an operation at Cummings Lodge, Greater Georgetown area, where they intercepted three (3) individuals; one (1) Guyanese and two (2) Venezuelans. A subsequent search revealed one (1) black haversack containing three (3) black brick-like parcels containing a whitish substance suspected to be cocaine.
 Gavin Adams, age fifty-four (54) years old, along with Venezuelan nationals Jose Gregorio Gomez, age thirty-five (35) years old, and Kevin De Jesus Figueira, age twenty-two (22) years old, were all arrested and escorted to CANU’s Headquarters with the suspected narcotic, which tested positive for cocaine and weighed 3.348 kilograms.
Investigations are ongoing.