In the previous month, a productive National Steering Committee meeting was conducted by the government of Guyana and SEACOP. 

The primary objectives of this meeting were to deliberate upon maritime security concerns and to establish a foundation for strategic progress in this particular field. The meeting was convened subsequent to a conversation between SEACOP members and Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn, as confirmed by James G Singh, the recently designated focal point for Guyana and Head of Customs Anti-Narcotic Unit (CANU).

 Emphasising the need of strengthening training endeavours, notably in the domain of intelligence training, the individual conveyed the nation’s aspiration to augment its enforcement and interdiction capabilities. Minister Benn further emphasised the necessity for enhanced support in enhancing container search protocols, so demonstrating his government’s dedication to countering criminal activities and safeguarding the integrity of global commerce.

 The primary focus of the conversation revolved around the topic of oceanic phenomena. There is a pressing requirement for the enhancement of internal communication channels among local leaders, coupled with the imperative for increased intelligence training. 

The imperative for the acquisition of supplementary equipment to enhance Guyana’s efforts in combating organised crime in maritime domains. One potential avenue to consider is the establishment of a dedicated Coast Guard unit that is specifically trained and equipped to effectively respond to Joint Maritime Coordination Unit (JMCU) callouts and offer assistance.